Driving conversions with Multi-step campaigns

Research shows that breaking down complexity helps to improve completion of tasks. Our brain looks for shortcuts to help move things along. When tasked with a complex decision we often experience increased cognitive load.  If the decision must be made quickly and the value isn’t clear we may want to walk away from it altogether.

As marketers, we need to create campaigns that simplify choices. A good way of doing that is with multi-step campaigns.

The idea is to break down your marketing message into two parts: a teaser and a full message. The teaser will serve as a short announcement with a quick call to explore the full message. By keeping the teaser short, we make it easier to understand at a glance. This ties in well with customers’ quick browsing behavior. It is also quite unobtrusive to keep the experience friendly for the uninterested.

Interested customers will move on to the full message. Here we can deliver the expanded marketing message to a more receptive audience.

Customers that opt in to see the full message are 68% more likely to engage with it. They show longer read times and are more receptive in general. This in turn drives conversions.