Introducing Signalayer

Tooltip has become Signalayer. We feel that this change better reflects what we do and the value we deliver to our customers.

At the core of Signalayer is the idea that great marketing is about communication. As consumers we want to learn about great, new products. The problem is that we are overwhelmed with offers that are irrelevant and untimely.

With Signalayer we make it easier to cut through the noise and get your message across. In our view this takes creating the right signal to first acquire user attention, so that then you can present your message to a welcoming audience.

That’s easier said, then done. This is why we build Signalayer to help you find the right combination of a messaging template (popup, sidebar, banner), trigger (page entrance, exit, click) and user segmentation settings.

In 2018 we want to make this easier with Formats – ready-to-go templates with built-in interaction scenarios that have been proven to work for various goals. By experimenting with formats you can find the right one for the task at hand – collecing email addresses, driving sign ups or PDF downloads.

We have lots of great ideas we’d like to share with you. Let’s find a time to speak soon.