People don’t hate popups, they hate irrelevance

Annoyance is a viable strategy to achieve conversion. It’s definitely not the most friendly one. The reason most of us are so averse to pop up ads is the predatory practices of delivery, not the content. No ad is evil by design. We need to work on delivery.

The basic function of marketing is to be a messenger. As marketers we deliver the good news of great products and services that make lives better. Who wouldn’t want that? 

The problem is that delivering our messages is hard. You need to know whom to address. You also need to know when to do it. And we’re dealing with people. They’re forgetful. They need explanations and convincing. They also have lives. The ones with emotions, family issues, work problems.

It gets worse. We’re not the only ones doing it. Our customers get bombarded with marketing messages. Ignorance is a way of coping with overload.

So here’s our predicament. How do we deliver the messages our customers want to hear when they’re so overloaded? 
You’ve heard personalization is the answer, and we agree. But it’s only a part of the solution. The other part no one talks about has been on the surface all along – better user experience
Be different. Kill them with kindness. Standout by delivering a great experience when interacting with your marketing campaign.

For example, DO NOT trigger a pop up right away.


Imagine you walk into a Walmart and they first thing you hear is “Welcome to Walmart, can I have your phone number?”

Let your visitors browse, let them express their interest. Better yet try to deliver value before asking for an action on their part.

Instead, DO offer to subscribe for your newsletter… once they’re almost through reading your blog post. 


Everyone loves the good stuff. If your stuff is good, who wouldn’t want to get more of it, and share it with friends and colleagues. In this example we’re adding an extra layer of convenience at the right moment.

This is a small change in interaction, and all it took is a little thought.